vaginal and cervical orgasms

4 major nerve pathways that create vaginal & cervical orgasms

Did you know that there are 4 major nerve pathways that innervate the pelvis for yoni owners and create both vaginal and cervical orgasms?!  This extensive innervation gives rise to over 15 different types of orgasms!
You heard that correctly – 15 different types!

There are 4 major nerve pathways that create vaginal and cervical orgasms.

Each area of sexual pleasure is linked to a different neurological pathway. This is why we can experience such a variety of flavors, textures and subtle notes in the symphony of yoni orgasms.


The 4 Nerves are…

The hypogastric nerve – transmits from the uterus and the cervix

The pelvic nerve – transmits from the vagina and cervix

The pudendal nerve – transmits from the clitoris

The vagus nerve – transmits from the cervix, uterus and vagina

AND, as mentioned earlier, the innervation from these pathways gives rise to over 15 DIFFERENT TYPES OF ORGASM for Yoni Owners!


The 15 Different Types of Orgasm for Yoni Owners are…



Clitoral orgasms are the most commonly experienced type of orgasm. They are short and intense and are often accompanied by a refractory period.


2 – G-SPOT:

The G-Spot is located approximately 1-2 inches (when un-engorged and 2-3 inches when engorged) into the vagina on the anterior wall and has a distinct “corrugated” texture like the roof of the mouth. This area can carry a great deal of emotion and many people experience numbness or irritation when the G-Spot is initially stimulated.


3 – U-SPOT: 

U-Spot orgasms come from stimulation of the urethral opening where erectile tissue from the paraurethral sponge is present.


4 – A-SPOT:

The A-Spot, or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, is located 3-4 inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall.



In Tibetan Tantric instruction, the cervix is the bottom end of the Central Channel, the core of the life force and enlightened awareness in the body.



Uterine Orgasms arise from pleasure spreading to the Uterus during orgasm. They are often an extension of contractions and pleasure from a cervical orgasm spreading into the uterus.


7 – P-SPOT:

Posterior Fornix Erogenous Zone is found deep inside the vagina on the posterior wall, behind the cervix.



The perineal sponge is a network of spongy erectile tissue located between the anus and vagina. It is an area of highly pleasurable sensation for many. This area is frequently damaged by vaginal childbirth.


9 – ANAL:

These orgasms arise from stimulation of the Anus which has a high concentration of pleasure-sensitive nerve endings.



The breasts and nipples are highly sensitive erogenous zones that have the capacity to experience orgasm. Additionally, stimulation of these areas releases oxytocin and prolactin.



Blended orgasms are any orgasms that originate from two or more erogenous regions. Examples of some blended orgasms are: clitoral/g-spot orgasm, nipple/clitoral orgasm, g-spot/a-spot orgasm, clitoral/anal orgasm, etc.



Any orgasm that is accompanied by an ejaculatory emission.



A blended orgasm where the entire vaginal canal experiences pleasure.



This orgasm happens when orgasmic energy courses through the entire body.



Energy orgasms can be experienced as small shutters of pleasure or “kriyas,” or can be experienced as full-blown no-touch orgasms. People have experienced these orgasms during meditation, while ocean breathing, and during pelvic floor exercises!

Our potential for pleasure is VAST and almost limitless.

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