Jade Ball “Yoni Yoga” for Better Orgasms!

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding jade ball and jade egg practices since Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting them on her website. But what are Jade Egg practices, and why the heck would you want to put stones in your vagina?

Traditionally known as Vaginal Kung-fu- Jade Egg & Ben Wa Ball exercises originated in ancient China as a sexual health and longevity practice. The actual exercises are similar to Kegel exercises but better, because they work deep into the entire pelvic floor, which rests like a hammock at the base of the pelvic girdle.

Jade Ball exercises focus on significantly increasing the strength and tone of both the vaginal AND pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the bladder, uterus and rectum, rhythmically contract during orgasm, and enhance clitoral stimulation and sensitivity.

You can easily identify these muscles by stopping the flow of urine several times midstream. (This is also an excellent way of getting some sexercises in during the day as well!)

The Pelvic Floor muscles also regulate the downward voiding winds, which are energy currents in the body that are responsible for retaining and excreting urine, feces, semen, menstrual blood, and female ejaculate. When these muscles are healthy and strong, we naturally retain our vital chi,(life-force) and the downward voiding activity of the body functions with greater efficiency and ease- think intense orgasms, and squirting across the room!

Women with undeveloped vaginal tonicity may tend to “leak chi” through the vaginal opening, especially during menstruation. This results in a continued loss of vital energy, and feelings of chronic exhaustion or depletion. According to Taoist practices, vaginal tonicity is also a key factor in aging and weight control, as the temperature of the sexual organs is an important factor in regulating the metabolism of fats. Who knew?

A cold genital zone indicates a slower metabolism. Because these exercises increase circulation throughout the sexual organs they increase the warmth and health of the sexual reproductive system, preventing many illnesses that result as a stagnation of energy in the genitals (think low libido, amongst other things!)

Strong pelvic and pc muscles are essential for enhanced sexual pleasure, as they support greater orgasmic ability, intensity, and control, for both men and women. In men, p.c muscle exercises have been found to increase the strength, frequency, and duration of their erections, as well as help them with semen retention and non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Jade Balls greatly enhance the efficacy of Kegel type exercises, by giving the body an object to “grip” and tense around. The energetic quality of Jade helps to balance the yin energies of a woman’s body, and acts as “medicine” for the Yoni, having the ability to absorb, heal and transform “negative” energy that may be held there.

The movement of the Jade balls inside the Yoni also has the effect of stimulating reflexology points, and contributing to the over-all organ health of the entire body!

Doing Jade Ben Wa Ball exercises is especially recommend for women who have given birth, to re-develop the muscular tone of the vagina and pelvic floor. They are also recommended before giving birth, as strong and healthy p.c. muscles may contribute to an easier labor and birthing process.

Many women have found that doing these exercises has helped relieve vaginal pain and dryness, and many menopausal women have found that doing Jade Ball exercises has helped them to re-lubricate naturally.

So where can you learn how to do these Jade Ball Sexercises?

We feature these Yoni Yoga “sexercises” in Module 3 of our Female Orgasm Intensive Tantra Training for women.

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