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3 Ingredients for oral pleasure excellence!

There is a specific stage of tantric realization in which the manifestations of daily life become instruments of guidance, offering clarity and insight into the nature of the universe. This stage of development is referred to as “appearances arising as the Teacher”.

This week, Bini and his new friend are our Gurus, giving us insight into how to experience even more pleasure and enjoyment in our material existence.

Bini and his new friend share with us 3 keys for oral pleasure excellence.


These oral pleasure keys pertain to both partners:

1. Enthusiastic consent by BOTH partners. They are both very clearly committed to this activity and no one with their cultural conditioning or social prohibitions was going to interfere with their enjoyment of this moment.

2. Relaxed and comfortable positions. As you can see, she was in a relaxed and reclined position and Bini was standing comfortably above her, without any strain on his neck during this important task. For humans, this may translate as she reclined in a chair with him(them) sitting or kneeling in front, OR, if on the bed, putting a pillow under her butt to lift her pelvis to face level. This takes the unnecessary strain off the giver’s neck. I call this position “pussy on a platter”

3. Shamelessness/fearlessness. These two did a beautiful job of demonstrating liberation from the suffering of SHAME and internalized cultural conditioning. Now we do not recommend doing this practice on a public beach in broad daylight, but we DO recommend that you engage with as much fearless pleasure and enjoyment!

May we all receive the beautiful wisdom transmitted by Bini and his friend, and may we all enjoy giving and receiving oral pleasure with as much gusto.


Watch the video below!

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