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The topic of whether or not, (or even how much!) sex is included in classical or traditional tantra is the subject of many online arguments.

We receive a large amount of criticism for talking openly and often about human sexual function while having the audacity to refer to our work as “Authentic Tantra”.

We note that much of the debate regarding sexual tantra arises from practitioners of Hindu/Indian-based tantra. The presence of sexual tantra in Tibetan Buddhist Tantra is a commonly accepted fact that can be proven from multiple sources, teachings, and texts.

We also note that most of the discussion regarding sex and tantra has been and continues to be led by men, who are often unfamiliar with the feminine-based teachings of other Tantric lineages.

Sources such as The Yogini Tantras, specifically The Candmaharosana Tantra, extoll the virtues of passionate sexual union, for the purpose of spiritual realization, in great detail. Almost all the stories of enlightened Masters of the Kagyu lineage include explicit discussions of these yogis and yogini’s having multiple sexual partners as part of their Dharmic practice.

We understand that many practitioners of specific lineages of classical Tantra have an aversion to sexuality, as communicated to us by referencing discourse about sex as “lower” “base” “bottom feeding” “unrealized” etc. 

We believe this aversion to sex or sexual discussion is indicative of an aversion to your own humanity. And deeper still, an aversion to your mammalian nature, your sense- ual nature, and ultimately an aversion to the physical BODY.

Interestingly, in Tibetan Tantra, the physical relates to the feminine. We also note that spiritual traditions that have a significant aversion to physical embodiment (and sex) are also Patriarchal and tend to demonstrate misogynistic/oppressive views towards women.

We understand that many prefer to separate their  Tantra practice from their sexual experience, but for those of us who practice under the umbrella of the Dakini lineages, there is no separation between the yoga of sex and DHARMA.

For us, you see, there is no divorcing oneself from the pure, raw, and primal carnality of the flesh, as this is where one may most clearly see, sense, taste, and touch the face of God.

For me, the clearest Tantric transmissions I have received directly from Vajrayogini have occurred when I was in the full throes of orgasmic bliss with my lover’s vajra buried deep in my soul, and I WAS THE DAKINI IN UNION, and she showed me that it was her own cum she drank from the skullcap she held to her and her lover’s lips. 

In that moment she showed me that God is in that bliss and there is no separation between sex and god, spirit and flesh, human and Buddha. 

Knowing God through sexual union is as easy as breathing, for those who have been paying attention in class.

Why do you think our sexuality has been so profoundly distorted and repressed? 

The darkest corners of ignorance are where the Dharma is needed the most. THIS is why we will continue to talk openly and LOUDLY about authentic, SEXUAL Tantra practice for humans at all stages of development along the path.

How dare one call themselves realized or “a living Buddha” – which is one who has reached fully maturity as a human- and yet DENY their own humanity by DENYING that sex and spirit are ONE. How dare one call themselves “realized” when so full of judgment of their own humanity, and so profoundly lacking in compassion and insight?

I find this aversion to pleasure in relationship to spiritual practice to be asinine. 

Of course, we should find pleasure in and enjoy our practice. And of course, sexual pleasure can be part of our spiritual practice. I don’t understand why this is even an argument.

I can practice Tantra while pooping. Why shouldn’t I practice it while making love? 

Talking about human sexual functioning is part of our Dharma practice. If folks don’t like the way we practice Dharma, we recommend they don’t come to our school.

*References are located below this video!

Here’s some references for you:

Candamaharosana Tantra:

“This brings us closer to the specific content of the Caṇḍa mahāroṣaṇa tantra, namely its sexual practices. When used skillfully, sexuality becomes a powerful tool. The ritual union engages the two partners on all levels—the physical level; the level of the five senses (the senses constituting a bridge between the body and consciousness); and all the different levels of consciousness. The partners, perceiving each other as deities, generate strong love and devotion for one another. Their union allows for an intense experience, which brings the mind effortlessly into focus and sharpens the awareness. After the intensity peaks, there is a brief natural gap, when the three kleśas—desire, aversion, and indifference, which normally drive one’s conceptual thinking—completely cease. All that is needed at this point is recognition. This recognition can be arrived at and stabilized through the repeated practice of ritual union.”

“For a woman, the man is a deity;

For a man, the woman is a deity.

They should honor each other

By uniting the vajra and the lotus. (CMT, 10.9)”


Passionate Enlightenment 


The Divine Madman


Yeshe Tsogyal and Padmasambhava 


Lady of the Lotus-Born

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