give your partner cervical o's

How To Give Your Partner Cervical O’s

This video answers a viewer’s question about “How can I give my partner cervical o’s if my lingam isn’t long enough”?

The most important ingredients for cervical orgasms are:

1. The engorgement of her erectile tissue and
2. Your connection!


In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix represents the heart – both the literal heart and the emotional center we call “the heart”. So when we are stimulating the cervix we are also stimulating this emotional/energy center.

In yet another beautiful example of how sex quite literally IS medicine, the tip of the lingam also corresponds to the heart center, so when you are making love and the tip of your lingam connects with the mouth of her cervix, you are quite literally making a heart to heart connection THROUGH YOUR GENITALS!

This is why the energy moving through your lingam is so important! In many tantric traditions, the penis is referred to as “a lingam” (Hindu) or “Vajra” (Tibetan Tantra). Tantric traditions understood that when a man has integrated his consciousness with his heart and his penis can become “a tool” for healing and the pleasure he brings to his partner can be a path of enlightenment.


If you believe your wand of light is too short to reach your partner’s cervix during normal intercourse, here are a few suggestions:

1. Practice yoni massage to ensure that her internal erectile tissue is fully engorged before penetration.

2. Once she’s engorged, adjust the angle of penetration by using different positions. The best position for this type of stimulation will vary according to your genital anatomy and the curve of your lingam vs. the tilt of her cervix. Her hormonal balance at different times of the month may also affect her sensitivity in different positions

3. Send her LOVE through your lingam! Remember the tip of your penis corresponds to your HEART. Set the intention to send her ALL the love through your lingam, into her cervix, directly into her HEART. This way she will literally feel your lingam all the way up into her heart center.

Make sure every time you penetrate her you have a healthy dose of love AND lust, and you will fill all the spaces in her yoni with the enormity of your love.

Having made love to numerous men with varying sizes of lingam, and having spoken with numerous yoni owners, I can 100% attest to the fact that the ENERGY of the penis is 90% of the equation in many cases. There is simply no substitute for a man who has integrated his mind, his heart, and his cock and knows how to use his penis as a tool for healing.

Remember Penis = Vajra = Indestructible Hard Diamond Sceptor/Divine Thunderbolt of Wisdom. That’s a lot of responsibility to be carrying around between your thighs.


Watch the video below for more on how to give your partner cervical o’s!

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