Cultivating Bodhichitta by Benefiting Living Beings

Cultivating Bodhichitta by Benefiting Living Beings

Did you know you can cultivate Bodhichitta by benefitting other living beings in your environment?


For example, look at the size of this Gecko! Typically Geckos are cute little tiny lizards that run around on your walls. I almost peed my pants when I saw the size of THIS Gecko! Geeze! (see video below)


How can we sit calmly and film this giant reptilian beast you ask? Because we use every encounter with wildlife as an opportunity to cultivate Bodhichitta- loving kindness and compassion for others.


In Tibetan Buddhism, it is a lived, embodied experience that ALL sentient beings have been our mothers, fathers, siblings, lovers, friends, and enemies, since beginningless time.


This means we have a responsibility to bring benefit to all sentient beings in our environment because they are part of our family.


This huge ass gecko was once my mother, father, or brother – all of whom are no longer alive 🙏🏽


In honor of the love I still feel for my family, current and past, I chant the mantra of compassion to liberate this gecko being from suffering and ensure a better rebirth.


Om Mani Peme Hung! Om Mani Peme Hung! Om Mani Peme Hung!


Now, according to Tibetan Buddhist scripture, this Gecko is guaranteed a better rebirth and may even potentially develop a propensity for the Dharma. It may even be my student in another lifetime. How cool! By chanting the mantra of great compassion to this lizard beast, I have created a positive Karmic connection with this being that may benefit both of us in future lifetimes. Now that is efficient spiritual practice!  


Chanting (or shouting in some cases) Om Mani Peme Hung to creatures and critters in your environment is one method for bringing benefit to all of our relations, all of our ancestors, and all of the sentient beings in our environment. 


Even a big scary-ass Gecko!


Watch the video below!

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