How Often Should Tantric Men Ejaculate?

Once a man has started to practice Tantric semen retention with proper guidance and methods, the process of separating orgasm from ejaculation usually takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on his age and previous ejaculation frequency.

Once he has successfully separated those two functions in the nervous system he is well on his way to becoming multi-orgasmic and now has a choice over how often and when he wants to ejaculate.


So how often should a Tantric male ejaculate?


We generally recommend a frequency of once every 6 weeks. This is based on Tibetan medical teachings regarding semen essence and blood. It is said that it takes 10 drops of food to make 1 drop of blood. It takes an entire cup of blood to make one drop of semen.

Because of this, it is recommended that a man ejaculate no more often than he would donate blood.

(Usually one must wait 6-8 weeks between whole blood donations)

That being said, the ideal frequency of male ejaculation depends on soooo many different factors, that it’s hard to set a hard and fast rule.

Once a man has broken his addiction to ejaculation it’s important for him to attune to his own body and determine the best ejaculation frequency for himself.

Here are some things to consider when deciding when and how often to ejaculate.

#1- Your age

#2- Your health

#3- The season or climate

#4- Your Tantra practice


I go into detail on the why’s of each of these point in the video below.

Please let me know what you think (and/or if you have any questions) in the comment section below 🙂

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  1. What would be the best resource for for learning to be multi orgasmic if you don’t have the time to go somewhere to learn.

    1. Great question. Best to learn from someone who has successfully achieved that goal, or someone who has successfully taught others to achieve that goal. We offer personal coaching sessions via Skype so that you can learn these techniques in the comfort and privacy of your won home. Take a look at our personal coaching sessions here-

  2. iVE AWAKENED MY KUNDALINI, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. BUT, was once addicted to over masturbation. Long Story short practiced bramacharya and mastered myself Like you said. And as a result can now move the energy at will, TO EACH CHAKRA.. But with Sexual Anking it seems healthy to release the semen only after practicing Tantric Masturbation. SO, even through ejaculation , I retain the energy INSIDE and Circulate it instead of losing it out the root chakra and crown chakra, followed by a period of intermittent semen retention and bramacharya. But practicing too much, I just get WOUND UP and to Release the Semen seeems the only way to Balance. Now my kundalini moves MUCH more freely now. ITs Spring BTW

    Is there a different criteria for those who have Awakened their Kundalini? Ive just dot it twice in a row after abstaining for 5 weeks and it feels absoulutely healthy for me to do so. I love what you say about it blowing through the blocks if there is one. My chakras seem much more cleaner now, even with the Kundalini.

  3. I’m in my late 70’s—–had a vasectomy in my 40’s and have BPH. I’ve learned to control the BPH symptoms with herbal prostate supplements from Life Extension. My question is, given all of the above, does retaining the ejaculate help or negatively effect the BPH symptoms? I have been successful retaining but haven’t made it to a month yet. At this time in my life my main concern is prostate health as well as sexual health.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your question and your patience. The absolute BEST thing you can do for your prostate health is prostate massage WITH sexual stimulation. This should, over time, help alleviate the BPH symptoms, as well as resolve the issue itself. In regards to SR, it depends upon the method being used. In your case, I would stay away from the million-dollar point just to be safe and rely upon other manual and breath techniques. In regards to ejaculation frequency, if you feel GREAT directly after and for hours after you ejaculate- i.e. energetic, awake, enlivened, etc. then your frequency is perfect, and there is no need to fret. If you feel crappy after ejaculating, then you will want to extend the period between ejaculations. Let me know if this answers your questions 🙂

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