Tantric Remedies for Excess Sexual Chi

Most of the work we do in tantra focuses on building and enriching our sexual chi.

But sometimes our Tantra practices can generate an excess of energy, and we need to find ways to alleviate that “excess chi” in order to regain balance.


Excess energy can be uncomfortable to manage and may lead to feelings of:

  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive thoughts
  • Muscle cramps


This issue of excess chi is most often reported by men who are just starting semen retention and have not quite adjusted to the amount of energy they generate through that practice.

I want to make a note there that these is a vast but often misunderstood difference between semen retention and abstinence.

Semen retention is the practice of separating orgasm from ejaculation, and having multiple, non ejaculatory orgasms. This practice encourages and includes LOTS of sexual stimulation with NO ejaculation.

Abstinence is the practice of abstaining from sexual pleasure- which can be with both self and partner.


These are 2 very different practices and they will have 2 very different results.


With semen retention you are consciously building a sexual charge and retaining it, so that you can use that energy as medicine and fuel for healing and enriching  body, mind, and sprit.

We recommend specific Tibetan, Taoist and Hindu Tantric practices to our male students to help them recirculate and utilize the energy generated through semen retention, which alleviates any negative effects of excess chi.

With abstinence the sexual energy usually goes largely dormant, but in some cases wet dreams become a problem- particularly when the abstinence is being used as a way to avoid sexual expression.

Sexual energy is natural, healthy, and it wants to be expressed. If we are consciously or unconsciously repressing that energy it will find a way to come out, and this can sometimes be expressed in the form of wet dreams.

In this video Devi Ward shares several remedies for how to manage excess sexual chi and addresses what to do about wet dreams when practicing abstinence.

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  1. Thank you so much for this video, Devi. I actually sent you a question this week about this. However, unlike Tom in the video, I am doing semen retention but I do lengthy tantra masturbation sessions every single day. These experiences are beyond wonderful–I am 67, have ED (or had!!), and was probably repressed sexually much of my life, but now I find the tantra masturbation session so pleasurable! My penis has become so pleasurable to stimulate, and I also spread some of the good chemicals through my body. I love these sessions and cannot wait until the next one. I also have sex of sorts with my wife about once a week (usually only hand jobs–her preference–and I also give her 4-5 orgasms every session). I also do go to the gym several times a week and love it! My question was and is–I am so, so horny all the time…it is like I am 18 again. I have not been able to separate orgasm from ejaculation–I do not ejaculate, but have not had any orgasms yet. I read the instructions on line but have not been able to separate the two. I do have a session in a week with a tantra teacher in a week.

    1. Hello Bob! Thanks so much for your comments and questions! Your predicament sounds wonderful, but I certainly can understand how it could be somewhat uncomfortable, especially with not orgasming. If your Tantra Teacher is one of ours she will be able to show you the proper methods for separating orgasm from ejaculation. Once you learn those methods you should start feeling a bit more balanced 🙂

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