IATE Tuition Increase Cancelled: A Love Note For Transparency

As you may know, IATE has been advertising an increase in tuition prices for the 2024-2025 ATCP school year and beyond.

This planned increase in tuition was intended to coincide with IATE’s approval to provide government funded student loans from B.C Canada. Although our application for this next level of government-accreditation has not been denied, our petition is still in process, and until completed, we are not able to provide these low interest loan options for students at this time.

This circumstance, along with the drastic increase in living expenses across North America, and the recent reinstitution of U.S. student loan repayments, indicates to us that increasing tuition prices at this time will

  • significantly increase stress for prospective students, and
  • significantly decrease accessibility for many prospective students.


Therefore, in spite of this much anticipated increase in tuition, the Board, Founders, and Faculty of IATE have agreed that it is in everyone’s best interest to maintain tuition costs AS THEY CURRENTLY ARE, and therefore, we will NOT be initiating the Phase 2 Tuition increases as planned this year and we will be maintaining the 2023 Program Tuition Prices for all Phases of our government-accredited Tantra Certification Training.

For transparency – the hiatus on tuition increases will remain indefinitely. We continue to devote time and resources towards opening pathways for IATE to provide low-interest government loans and/or other low interest financing options for our students on both sides of the US/Canadian border.


Please keep reading for more important updates about the Authentic Tantra Certification Program….


In order to maintain our current standards of financial accessibility, we are also continuing the $1000 savings on Phase 1 (IT5T 101) + the waiving of additional administrative fees. Please note that there will be clearly identified financing charges applied for in-house and 3rd party financing options.


Tuition Prices for the 2024 – 2025 ATCP School Year:

USD Tuition for Phase #1 and #2:

  • Phase #1- $4k (save $1000 USD)
  • Phase #1.5 – $500 (save $500 USD)
  • Phase #2 -$10,500
  • Tuition Total = $15k USD


The in-person embodiment trainings food and accommodation costs will continue to be billed separately during Phase 2 of 2-year certification training.

Additionally, to meet needs for clarity and ease, we have instituted two clearly defined program registration windows, which allow us to offer 24- or 18-month in-house payment plans with no interest applied.


Early Enrollment Window for the 2024-2025 Class:

August 1st – November 1st, 2023
Register EARLY and START your program anytime between now and January 31st, 2024!


IATE in- house 24 Month Payment Plan:

Starts between August 1st – Nov.1st 2023| Ends by Nov 1st 2025

  • USD Tuition Costs:
    $15k USD = $625 USD for 24 months
  • USD BIPOC scholarship of $1000
    $14k USD = $584 per month for 24 months
  • CAD Tuition Costs:
    $19,250 CAD = $802 for 24 months
  • CAD BIPOC scholarship of $1250
    $750 per month for 24 months


Please note this 24-month payment plan is ONLY available during this early registration window. Students can register and begin making payments any time prior to November 1st, 2023, and begin their Phase 1 training anytime between the 1st payment date and January 31st, 2024.



  • 24-month payment plans with NO INTEREST!
  • Both in person trainings priced at $1500 USD (save $500)
  • Have a luxurious amount of time to learn, integrate, and enjoy your Authentic Tantra studies.
  • Be exceptionally well prepared for the next phase of your training
  • Get a head start on your Master’s or Ph.D program!


Please CLICK HERE for the full pricing breakdown, interest free payment plans, and our government mandated refund policy.

We believe the need for authentic instruction in how to approach sexual connection with mindfulness and how to utilize sexual energy for healing and spiritual growth becomes more vital with each passing day.

Although the field of sexual wellness and sex coaching is currently NOT regulated, the anticipated growth of this industry will compel the need for professional standards, government regulation, and oversight. With the sexual wellness market poised for massive expansion, consumers WILL demand more and better-quality offerings AND providers.

Being credentialed in the field of sexual wellness by a reputable, government accredited learning institution will give you an unparalleled advantage in the fields of sexual and holistic wellness. Additionally, this training program provides a pathway to achieving the ONLY MA or Ph.D in authentic, lineage-based Tantra specifically for holistic sexual healing, IN THE WORLD.

Learn More about our Certification Program!

Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of our 24-month, no-interest payment plans and become a certified tantra teacher from the only government-accredited Tantra school in the world.

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