Tantric Secrets for Cervical O’s

In Varayana Tantra, the central channel is understood to be the CORE of the life force energy in your body and where enlightened consciousness resides. The Central Channel (aka Sushmna Nadi or Uma Channel) runs in a vertical line from the soft spot on the top of your skull, down the center of your body, anterior to the spine, ending at the perineum. The female cervix sits directly INSIDE of the central channel and it is said that when the moving “pranas” (aka winds) in the genitals are “stirred” to the point of orgasm, those winds brush the central channel and we get a glimpse or “taste” of enlightenment (aka orgasm).
Vajrayana Tantra teaches us that the human body is WIRED so that every orgasm is quite literally a glimpse of your ultimate, bliss-void nature, and that part of authentic tantra practice is learning to REST at and expand INTO these peaks of bliss, thereby accessing more of your enlightened MIND.
This is one of the reasons that sexuality and spirituality are quite literally INSEPERABLE and authentic, lineage-based Tantra can give us a true and authentic experience of “One Taste”.
In The Dakini Tantras, the cervix/yoni has been described as a portal into “The Great Palace of the Central Channel”. In sexual reflexology from the Taoist tradition, the cervix corresponds with the HEART point, which in Tibetan Tantra, is where all Tantra begins and ends… the human heart.
The long and short of it is, your cervix is MAGICK and can be a gateway to accessing greater states of bliss, joy, and clarity of thought, speech, and action.
Below are some of our Tantric mindfulness tips to help you awaken more cervical pleasure and access “The Great Palace of The Central Channel”. Please note that many cervixes may be numb or painful due to unresolved trauma. Please be gentle with yourself when using these suggestions.

Tip 1: It’s very sensitive.

Your cervix is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Several common medical procedures may cause damage to the sensitive nerve endings in the cervix so it’s important to start off, knowing if your cervix is numb, painful, or even hypersensitive because of this.

Tip 2: ​​Arousal is key. 

Don’t attempt direct cervical stimulation for the first time when your internal erectile tissue is less than fully engorged if your pleasure scale is 1- 10 with 10 being orgasm, allow yourself to warm up to around seven or eight before approaching the cervix directly.

Tip 3: Relax and breathe.

If you tense the body and contract pelvic floor muscles, you’re cutting off blood flow that’s important for engorgement and when you are tense, your nervous system is in a defensive circuit that does not support optimal sexual functioning. So make sure you stay relaxed, aware, and present in your body.

Tip 4: Connect the pleasure points!

Make sure that you continue to pleasure your clitoral glans or another reliable pleasure zone, while simultaneously stimulating the cervix. This will help dissolve any defensive “armoring” that is being held there.

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