Tibetan Five Element Tantra HEALS from the inside-out!

The primary focus of the Tibetan Five Element Tantra + Tantric Practices is to heal blocks and enrich the energy body by directing our full attention to where the CORE of the life force resides in the physical form, which in this tradition is understood to be the Central Channel, a.k.a Uma Nadi or Sushumna Nadi.

By directing attention to the core of the energy body and using lineage-based tantric practices to increase the potency of life force which resides in the channels and nadis, practitioners catalyze a healing process that quite literally radiates from the inside-out….From the deepest core to the outermost extremities.

Quite unlike many Western-based approaches to healing that start on superficial (external) levels and eventually may trickle down into some deeper layers, Tibetan Five Element Tantra + Tantric Practices begin by nourishing the ROOT of the tree of life – creating a foundation that is stable, vibrantly healthy, and abundantly enriched –  in order to support the full extension of branches and leaves, and eventual blossoming of human consciousness.


The graduates of our training programs can attest to the intensity and efficacy of these healing tantric practices. 

Healing generational trauma, healing karmic wounds, healing from cultural and social conditioning. 

Healing our relationship to our own life-force energy – our sexuality and our birthright to pleasure.

Our training programs have unparalleled depth in the industry of sexual healing because our methods are rooted in a 1,200+ year-old lineage of Tantric practice.

The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program has been reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Our NOC Code is 3232 – Practitioners of natural healing

Our CIP Code is 51.3301 – Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Find out about the ONLY government accredited Tantra Certification Program in the WORLD HERE!

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