Yoni Egg 101:How to put it in, use it & take it out!

Your Yoni Egg practice can be a wonderful tool for awakening more sensitivity and pleasure in your lady bits.

In fact, these practices originated in ancient China as a sexual health and longevity practice which have been shown to:

  • Improve sexual response and sensation
  • Balance hormones
  • Alleviate vaginal dryness
  • Mitigate menopausal symptoms
  • Ease childbirth
  • Prevent illness of the sexual reproductive system.


Chances are you may have already bought a yoni egg of some sort, but are not sure to get started with it, or how to use it correctly.

This article gives you a “how to” guide for getting started with your yoni egg practice.

#1 – Clean it!

Your yoni egg has arrived sparkling and beautiful in its box…but now what? How do you take this beautiful semiprecious stone and put it to work?

Your first step in the process is cleaning and disinfecting it, both physically and energetically.

To cleanse it physically- Take it out of the box or bag, and wash it with warm water and a nontoxic holistic soap such as Dr.Bronners.

To disinfect it you have a couple of options:

Option #1- Put it in a bowl and pour boiling water over it, almost like you are “blanching” the stones. Let it sit for a few minutes (2-3) and then carefully pour the water out of the bowl (don’t burn yourself!) and set the stones to dry on a clean cloth.

Option #2- Similar process to the one above but with hot water not boiling water, and use a few drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Not the kind you buy in the store, but actual food grade hydrogen peroxide.

This stuff is really potent so you just need a few drops!


Watch my Yoni Egg cleaning video below for step-by-step instructions on using food grade Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning your yoni egg!

To cleanse the stone energetically you can:

  • Set it in direct sunlight. This will charge it as well as cleanse it.
  • Set it in direct moonlight (same effect as above)
  • Rest it on the earth in soil or sand (make sure you clean and disinfect it again before using it internally after resting it on the ground!)
  • Set it in a dish of sea salt or sea salt water
#2- Charge it!

Similar to the cleansing process, you can use the elemental energies of the planet to infuse your stone with some good JuJu.

You can do this by setting your yoni egg in the sun or moonlight, and then say blessings over it, infusing it with your intention.

The crystal absorbs energy and intention, so “program” it with your loving intention for healing and awakening.

#3- Secure it!

Make sure you tie your strings to it before inserting so you can get it back out! This can be an issue for a woman with a retroflexed cervix.

#4- Insert it!

Squat like you are going to put in a tampon and add a little bit of lube to the yoni egg. Though opinions on insertion differ, I suggest placing the small pointed end of the yoni egg at the opening of your Yoni.

Massage the tip of your yoni egg around the vaginal opening as you chant blessings to yourself (again just stating your loving and healing intentions), and gently press the egg into your yoni, while letting the yoni pull it inside.

Once it’s inside you may feel a slight pressure or nothing at all.




Traditionally known as Vaginal Kung-fu, yoni egg exercises are similar to Kegels but better because they work deep into the entire pelvic floor, which rests like a hammock at the base of the pelvic girdle. 

You can easily identify these muscles by stopping the flow of urine several times midstream.

There are a variety of yoni egg exercises you can do. Some women enjoy inserting the yoni egg and walking around with it all day, or even sleeping with it overnight. Some women like to use yoni eggs during sexual intercourse or self-pleasure to create a deeper sensation.

Here at the Institute, we recommend using your yoni egg for specific exercises and then taking it out when you are done.

According to pelvic floor health experts, this is actually the best way to use your yoni egg for building the health and strength of the pelvic floor.

You can see more about why they recommend this here!

We teach a 7 Position Yoni Yoga practice here at the Institute which is designed to work with your physical body AND your energy body to produce optimum sexual health and intense orgasmic experiences.



Please be aware that the stones you use do matter!

There are a lot of Yoni Egg dealers out there online, and it’s important to know that not all stones are actually safe to use internally. In fact the only ones you should be using are Rose Quartz and Nephrite Jade (not Jadeite).

As I like to say, just because you CAN put it in your Yoni doesn’t mean that you should 😉

You can learn more about the benefits of Yoni Yoga + get a step by step guide for your practice in my book “Shake Your Soul-Song! A Woman’s Guide to Self Empowerment Through The Art of Self- Pleasure”.

Want More?

Learn Yoni Yoga in our Female Orgasm Intensive program! PLUS Get Exclusive Access To Our LIVE Monthly Tantra Classes!

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