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10 Reasons WE Should Be Your Tantra Yoga School!

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in our Tantra Yoga Teacher Training program, and/or ANY of our online educational programs, here are 10 reasons to say “Hell Yes!” to training with IATE…

(Yes, we are totally flexing our hard-earned credentials) 😉


1. We are a government accredited school for Tantra Yoga

This means that the Private Training Institutions Branch of The Ministry of Advanced Education in Canada has reviewed our curriculum and found that it meets their educational standards.

Our certification training program is classified as instruction in “acupuncture and eastern medicine” and our graduates are considered “Practitioners of Natural Healing” by the Canadian government.

Additionally, the PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) oversees the operation of our Institution to ensure that we are adhering to their standards of transparency and integrity with ALL of our training programs.


2. We are AASECT Eligible!

On June 2nd 2023, the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education became registered as an approved AASECT CE Provider!

As of April 2024 it was confirmed by AASECT that the academic training hours of the Authentic Tantra Certification Program can be used to fulfill the Human Sexuality Education: Core Knowledge academic requirements to becoming AASECT Certified.

If you are looking for academic training in the field of sexology that fulfills the core knowledge requirements to become an AASECT Certified Sex Educator, the Authentic Tantra Certification Training program meets AASECT requirements.

We’re pretty sure we are the only Tantra Yoga School in the world that offers a pathway to AASECT certification


3. We offer Graduate Degrees in Tantra through Ubiquity University!

Ubiquity University and The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education have partnered together to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their coursework to Graduate Degrees.

This means You can receive a Master’s Degree OR a Ph.D. in Authentic Tantra!

Completing all 4 components of the 2 year Authentic Tantra Certification program fulfills the curriculum requirements for a Master’s Degree in Authentic Tantra with Ubiquity University. Students may also choose to use their credits from IATE to pursue a Ph.D. or combined MA/Ph.D. through Ubiquity University.


4. We are certified by the American Board of Sexology

This means that graduates of our two-phase Certification program meet the qualifications necessary to become ABS Certified Sexologists.

Being credentialed in the field of sexual wellness by a government accredited learning institution will give you an unparalleled advantage in the fields of sexual and holistic wellness!


5. We are certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

The Authentic Tantra modality is now an internationally recognized “Natural Therapeutic Modality” by IICT and our graduates enjoy professional credibility, support, and access to affordable business insurance that will support their professional growth.


6. Lineage-based and Lama approved

Our methods are rooted in an AUTHENTIC Buddhist spiritual tradition, which has remained intact for over 1,200 years! Our school is approved and supported by an ordained Lama of the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

FYI, according to traditional Tantric teachings, practicing “Tantra” without lineage can be dangerous for you AND your clients… 


7.  You get FREE counseling services as an active student!

Because we are government certified, ALL students currently enrolled in any IATE training program are eligible to access the FREE counseling services provided by the government of BC.

You do NOT need to be Canadian to access these services and you can be located anywhere in the world!


8. We have a strict Code of Ethics that all of our students and practitioners adhere to!

The world of Western tantra and sexology is rife with abuse and misconduct. We instituted a code of ethics that is adhered to by ALL faculty, students, and practitioners of IATE and the Authentic Tantra modality.


9. We Offer Partial Scholarships, INTEREST FREE and Payment Plans! 

Every year, IATE extends a minimum of 20k USD in scholarships. To date we have provided over 100K USD in partial scholarships for our Certification Training Program.

We also offer in-house extended payment plans that are INTEREST FREE!


10. One-on-One support

Tantra is medicine and support is required for healing. We prioritize offering our students one-on-one guidance and support during all portions of their tantra training. At our Tantra Yoga School and as a student of IATE, you will always have a trusted person to reach out to for support and guidance along your journey.


in addition to all of this We Are a Declared Anti-racist Organization

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is an anti-racist organization because we are a trauma-informed organization and experiencing systemic racism is traumatic.


Tantra is the antidote to trauma, right? So why wouldn’t you apply the potent medicine of Tantra to ALL forms of trauma- particularly intergenerational, historical, societal, and communal trauma?


In this house, we bring EVERYTHING onto the path of Tantra. Everything included, nothing left out. We see, acknowledge, and empathize with all the pain (and the glory!) in order to BE whole, healthy, integrated human beings who are contributing meaningfully to their communities and the world.


Ya’ll should know that it’s not easy to acquire this list credentials. If it was, everyone else would have them too. But to date, we are the ONLY Tantra school IN THE WORLD that can list these creds. That’s because instead of investing in becoming “influencers”, our Founders invested time, energy, and $$$ to ensure that YOU as our student is investing in the most well-credentialed Tantra Yoga Certification training program in the World… literally.


These accomplishments are a testament and result of our dedicated Vajrayana Tantra Yoga practice. We don’t call our work “Authentic Tantra” just for branding ya’ll. Tantra is not a game and we did not come to play. If we are offering you a “tantra certification” this shit better be legit….and IATE is in fact, too legit to quit 😉


And all them other “tantra training” programs can’t touch this…🔥🔥🔥

Want More?

Find out more about our Tantra Yoga Training Certification Program and all the benefits you receive being apart of our program! Registration ENDS SOON!

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